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Treaty Updates

As updates become available regarding the Canada-USA Tuna Treaty they will be posted here.

February Bilateral Meeting

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A Message From Our President

We have just returned from the most recent treaty talks and I know that there will be many questions from our membership. The full delegations from Canada and the US met February 13 and 14 in Vancouver to discuss proposals that would see us participating in each others EEZ for the 2013 season. Canadian industry was represented by seven directors from the BCTFA (Ian Bryce, Tom Lindberg, Bob McIntosh, Corey Sundstrom, John Jenkins, Peter DeGreef and myself) as well as Lorne Clayton from the CHMSF. We met over a two day period to discuss US industry and government concerns that have led to the present breakdown in the treaty process. We went over proposals that the Canadian delegation felt addressed many of the issues as we currently understand them. The US delegation considered our proposals but expressed that further reflection and consultation is needed to reach consensus on a US counter-proposal. I know that this outcome is not what many of us were looking for but we continue to look towards finding solutions to mend the relationship with our fellow fishermen south of the border. Further bilateral meetings will occur with the dates to be finalized in the days to come.

Gregg Holm, President BCTFA

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